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Terms of Use


The present site www.eurobankpropertyservices.gr (hereinafter the “Site”) of the societe anonyme with the corporate name “Eurobank Property Services S.A.” (hereinafter the “Company”) is an internet system that enables the Company to communicate with the public, through which information relative to the Company’s activities and actions is provided to the public (hereinafter the “Information”).

Visitors / users (hereinafter the “Users”) are obligated, for their protection and in order to refrain from using the Site illegally, to read the present terms of use carefully before using the Site. Access to and use of the Site presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the general terms of use of the Site on behalf of the Users, as said terms are set out below:

1. The present general terms of use govern all uses of the Site by the Users.

2. Users who connect to the present Site connect thereto on their own initiative and not on that of the Company.

3. Users state that they have read, understood and unconditionally accepted the present terms of use and that they comply with the rules of Hellenic and international law and, in particular, with the provisions of the legislation relating to telecommunications. Users also state that they abstain from and that they shall abstain from any illegal use of the Site and from any use of the Site that comes into conflict with moral conventions. If a User uses the Site within the framework of his/her professional activity or within the framework of his/her employment in an organisation or other entity, the User recognises that he/she is the legal representative of said entity and that he/she has the authority to accept the present terms on behalf of said entity. The User bears the liability of informing any person or persons of said entity of the present terms of use and of taking every possible measure so as to ensure that said persons comply therewith.

4. Users bear the liability of accessing the Site and are exclusively responsible for their personal equipment with the necessary technical means, which shall allow them to access the Site. The Company does not guarantee that the Site or any other affiliated site or the servers through which said sites are made available thereto are provided free of “viruses” or other damaging components (such as, indicatively, worms, trojan horses, etc.) and does not bear any liability in the case of damage to the Users’ equipment, software, files or of any other damage that is due to the above causes.

5. Use of the Site and of the Information is effected with the exclusive liability of the Users, who accept that the Information is provided as is, without any guarantee, explicit or implicit. The content of the Site does not constitute a financial, legal or other advice or an incitation to commit an act or omission and the Company does not bear any liability for the manner in which the Site or the Information is used on behalf of the Users. The Company and/or the societe anonyme with the corporate name “REALIZE S.A.”, which is responsible for creating/modifying the Site, do not bear any liability for any damage that the Users may sustain as a result of the manner by which they use the Site and the Information.

6. The content of the Site, such as, indicatively, corporate names, trademarks, distinct titles, texts, photographs, graphics, etc., are protected by the provisions, national and international, relating to intellectual and industrial property. The appearance of said content on the Site may not be considered, in any manner whatsoever, as a transfer or assignment of the authority or right to commercially use said content or, in general, as the creation of any form of right on said intellectual and industrial property in favour of the Users. Any copy, deletion, reproduction, imitation or alteration, in any manner whatsoever, gradual or otherwise, in any form and with any means whatsoever, without the written consent of the Company and any infringement, in general, thereof by the Users constitutes an illegal, unlawful and criminal offence and is strictly prohibited, which, if committed, shall bring about the penalties provided for in the relative legislation in force.

7. The Company reserves the right to modify and/or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, part or the entire Site with or without informing the Users. The Company does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and content of the Site shall be provided without interruption and without errors and that any errors shall be corrected.

8. The Company reserves the right to amend the present terms of use according to its absolute discretion. In such a case, the Company shall inform the Users of the Site via relative announcements that it shall post thereon. Use of the Site by the Users after their notification of the amendment to the terms of use, as said notification shall be effected as noted above, entails the acceptance of said amendments on behalf of the Users. Users must read the present terms of use on a regular basis so as to make sure that they are informed and that they comply with the latest version thereof.

9. The present terms of use, as well as any amendment thereof, are governed by Hellenic law and are interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith and of moral conventions.

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