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EUROBANK PROPERTY SERVICES, is a leader in the real estate sector, providing services in Greece, as well as in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Its specialized personnel exploit its significant experience, providing a high level of integrated professional real estate services to the Eurobank group as well as to third party clients. The company holds a distinguished place among the top real estate valuation organizations, mainly as it carries out more than 50,000 valuations per year, a fact which strengthens it in the other sectors in which it is active, i.e. the brokerage sector (providing full brokerage services for property sales or rentals), advisory services, market research, technical & facilities management services, as well as asset management. EUROBANK PROPERTY SERVICES commands a deep knowledge of the real estate market in Greece, as well as in the countries of New Europe via its local subsidiary companies.

The company is active in the following sectors:

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Market Research

  • Valuations

  • Agency

  • Property & Facilities Management

  • Corporate Real Estate

  • Real Estate Asset Management

  • Technical Advisory Services

  • Group Properties
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